Today, video games have further established itself from fun and entertainment to an indispensable part of our lives and culture.
Led by staggering growth in market, size of the gaming industry is akin to that of the film or the music industry. Put differently,
digital media contents created for video games are at a position where it could significantly affect a country's economy.
Now, it is time to look beyond people playing video games and recognize gaming as what it truly is today: a cultural phenomenon.
 Accordingly, it is vital for people who are engaged in the gaming industry to approach video games or our cultural phenomenon that is,
with strategic planning to facilitate sustainable development that will positively affect the gaming community.

 JinYuanSheng embraces the philosophy that mistakes, defects, and poor-quality products are not acceptable and are
to be eliminated -an organization wide commitment of both companies. Our quality improvement practitioners
focus on our customers as the starting point, and identified what customers want from the good or service that the
existing companies provide, what the existing companies actually provide to customers, and the gap between
what customers want and what they get, which we called the quality gap. Then, we collected what attributes
are most important to customers and formulated a plan for closing the quality gap. Ultimately, we designed
our products and associated services so that those attributes are embodied in the product.
As a result, our products are differentiated by attributes such as: form, features, performance, durability,
and styling of product, which collectively define its excellence; the pictures speak for themselves.

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