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Writer Storage for 3DSLL 3DS 2DS

1.Device can store 20 sets of Amiibo characters data,which can be uploaded,downloaded,deleted via PC loaded with windows system


2. Device has 3 buttons,Power Button,+ Button for Switching data,- Button for Switching data 



3.When 20 sets of Amiibo characters data are empty,digital tube will show 00



4.When Amiibo character is chosen,turn on the 3DS,let the infrared emitter of console aim at infrared receiver header ofAmiibo Reader(Itll be superior that the distance is below 30CM). 



5.Running the Amiibo game on 3DS console,then console will exchange data with Amiibo reader,the dot in the middle of digital tube will flash



6.After communication success,3DS will show corresponding interface of Amiibo doll.when its done,console or Amiibo reader can be removed.



7.please dont move-off console or Amiibo reader,when the dot in the middle of digital tube is flashing,otherwise it will cause data communication errors  



8.The USB interface in the back of Amiibo reader is for connecting with PC software to manage Amiibo doll and Upgrading program.

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