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3 IN 1 Charging dock for  Xbox One S/Xbox One Elite/Xbox One controller

-QUICK CHARGE AND LONG PLAYING TIME, rapid charging experience for Xbox ONE S
controller/XboxOne elite controller/xboxone wireless controller. Full Charge completed within
2 hours when charging one Xbox ONE wireless controller. Each rechargeable battery have LONG

 -DUAL CHARGING CAPABILITY, this charging station have dual charger dock allows 2controllers charge the battery at the same time. Complete full charge in 4 hours while charging two wireless controllers simultaneously.

-CHARGING WITHOUT REMOVE BATTERIES, the quick & user friendly design battery charger kit allow
the controller to charger the power without removing the batteries.

 -DISTINCTED LED LIGHTS,This charging station have LED light indicator 

showing charge status.

 -ALL IN ONE PACK, Packaged Included: Dual Wireless Controller Charger Dock X 1, 

Rechargeable Controller Batteries X 2, Micro USB Cable X 1 (Controllers NOT Included)

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