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Anti-Slip Silicone Case Cover for PlayStation 4 Controller


-DURABLE TYPE - Silicone Case is thick but soft.Anti-slip and Dust-proof surface is providing strong grip with overall enhanced game-playing experience.

- PROTECTION - Add a unique design silicone case to your PlayStation 4 Controller. It provides an instant protection from scratches, dirt and grease caused by everyday use.

-IMPORTED MATERIAL - Material is from Japan,which features are harmless and Environmental protection.

-MORE FUNCTION - Silicone case will make the controller more personalized and comfortable on the hand. It also will make gamer playing PS4 games look cool and it won't lose any of the actual touch sensitivity. Silicone button caps gives a great grip at the circle in the center of the joystick,It can prevent the controller from playing the game for a long time and it will not fall off.

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