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Small adjustable Wall Mount for many consoles:PS4 PRO Console/PS4 Slim/PS4 Console/Xbox One Console

Adjustable! Height and Width adjustable so your Wall Mount can be adjusted to your console.

This Wall Mount measures 12 inches MAX tall from bottom to top, the base is 8.2 inches Width MAX and 12.2 inches Length.

In order to put all types of console in the future. We recommend customers to adjust the width and height to the maximum
before mount our stand on the wall

Whether you mount our organizer on the wall, or set it on your desk,there’s no way for your console or your accessories to move or
fall from their secure place.Your game pads are also held securely in convenient hangers on the top!

The mounting procedure itself is straight forward and you can be done with installation in a few minutes.
Hold steady on the wall in the right angle, mark the spots through the holes and apply the screws for a secure mounting.
Screwdriver and Screws are included in your package

Wall Mount can store 20 game cases that are supported with a fun, letter-design. Keep your games close to your console,
and choose the one for your next session, fast, easy and organized. The same is true for both of your game pads: easy to

set in their hanger spots and always ready for action

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