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Portable Dock Kit for switch(Dock+AC adapter +HDMI cable)

Portable Dock:

-It's very portable and light.Definitely fits in your pockets
and about 20% the size of the original dock.
-Use it as a mobile charging dock and playstand


-Cable length: 1.8m/5.9ft    1080P

-Gold Plated Connectors: High-Speed HDMI Cable high purity 
oxygen-free copper,corrosion-resistant connectors with 
lower distortion at the point of contact.


-Input: 100-240V  50/60Hz  Output: DC 15V/2.6A  DC 5V/1.5A

-The AC adapter also allows you to recharge the 
battery, even while you play

-Cable length: 1.5 m


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