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PS4 Media remote

-Manage your Playstation 4 systems with this hassle-free remote that lets you control your favorite streaming media through the PS4


-Fully compatible with most apps on Play Station 4 systems


-Dedicated PS4 Buttons- includes the most important buttons for navigating system menus and apps, including triangle, circle, square, cross, L1, L2, R1, R2, Share, Options and PS buttons


-Press a [Home/PS] button to instantly wake up the remote from power saving mode


The remote control uses Bluetooth wireless communication to operate playback of Blu-ray Discs(BD)

and other types of disc on the PS4 system(PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4 Slim)


Easy Navigation:

-Dedicated PS4 buttons:Includes the most important buttons for navigating system menus and apps.


Improve your experience:

-Sleek and compact design:Access all essential controls under one thumb.

-Connects via Bluetooth:Uses Bluetooth to control your PS4 system.

-Up to 30 foot range (Straight line from console)


More versatile than your controller:

-Including the action buttons,share,options and PS buttons.


Requires 2 AAA batteries ( NOT INCLUDED)

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